Welcome to Physical Disability Australia

Physical Disability Australia is a national peak body for people living with a physical disability, founded in 1995. We have 2,500 members from all states and territories. 

Key Values


  • Social Justice
  • Self-determination
  • Inherent Dignity  
  • Integrity
  • A Representative Voice 



Our Key Strategic Objectives

  • Effective Policy Develop and promote high quality, evidence-base policy developed from current research and the real circumstances of people’s lives. 
  • Solution-Focused Breakdown participation barriers by taking a solution-focused approach with governments and industry. 
  • Participatory Engagement Communicate widely with members, allies and the public to enhance the effectiveness of our advocacy. 
  • Effective Governance Employ effective governance structures and systems supporting the organisation’s plan and activities. 
  • Future Proofing Ensure ongoing financial sustainability through diligence and meeting KPI’s.