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PDA offers Free Membership to the following:

  • People with a physical disability - full voting members
  • Families and supporters of people with physical disability - non voting membership
  • Organisations - non voting membership

Why should I become a member?

By joining PDA you help us develop a comprehensive and diverse membership base. This means PDA can speak authoitatively on behalf of a broad range of lived experience. The more members PDA has, the more its submissions and activities will be noticed and respected.

Becoming a PDA member also gives you the opportunity to have an input into our activities. Join now to make a difference by having your voice heard at the national level. It is free and there are no obligations.

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PDA is a member of the Disability Australia consortium.

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How can you contribute?

PDA recognises that its members are from a diverse background and have many experiences with all facets of disability. Whilst we will let members know about how they can get involved in different policy and advocacy work as it occurs, we would like to know upfront firstly if any members are particularly interested in contributing to our policy and systems advocacy work.

This could be anything such as providing material for policy submissions to providing ‘one off’ information to specific requests of a technical or ‘diagnostic’ nature.

Do you have any specific areas of knowledge and/or expertise that PDA contact you for assistance?


For example, 'I have extensive knowledge about spinal injury', or
'I have served on a Board of Directors of a service provider, or
'I have written submissions to the NDIS'.