Proposed Standards for Powered Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

In September 2016, Standards Australia released its Draft for Public Comment Technical Specification for Powered Wheelchairs (including Mobility Scooters). This document sets out a range of dimension limits and performance requirements for these devices to authorise their use on public transport and road related areas. The document also proposes a scheme where devices that meet the specification are provided with a 'blue label' to indicate their compliance or a 'yellow label' indicating they do not.

PDA is opposed to the implementation of a 'Standard' for powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters that sets a high-water mark for their dimensions and performance.

We are actively campaigning to prevent these and arbitrary and unnecessary rules being imposed on Australians with physical disabilities so that they can continue to acquire and use the powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters that best meet their needs.

PDA's Press Release

AustRoads' response to PDA's Press Release

PDA's response to Austroads' letter

PDA is a member of the Disability Australia consortium.