Meet Natasha Nobay: PDA’s New Promotion Officer

My name’s Natasha Nobay and I’m proud to have joined the team here at Physical Disability Australia (PDA) as the new Promotion Officer.

I look forward to building on the great work that PDA has done over the past 21 years, to ensure that every Australian living with physical disability is able to reach their full potential.

Did you know that, depending upon the supplier, an individual could end up with just $15 out of $45 allocated to them through the NDIS? Tackling this is a central role of our organisation and self-management plans are something that we encourage you to explore. If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch with us.

We’re also looking to host a series of webinars that focus on areas that you feel are worth covering: areas such as NDIS self-management, disability-friendly holidays and any other issues suggested by you that you’d like us to feature. All members are invited to register for these special online seminars. If you’re not already a Member you’re welcome too, but we encourage you to sign up, as membership is completely free.

For those unable to take part on the day, we’ll also put these webinars up on our website, for later viewing.

Going forward, I’ll ensure the PDA website is regularly updated, to keep all
interested parties informed of relevant developments. I will also be posting news, articles and information on our Facebook and Twittter accounts.

As well as our online channels, we’re working to build a sense of real-world community, by creating opportunities for social get-togethers. We plan to organise regional events to bring our members together, creating friendships and a community that can enrich our members’ daily lives. We look forward to telling you about these events in the near future. Make sure that you sign up for Membership, so we can keep you updated. Membership of PDA is totally free, and gives you the opportunity to get involved and be a part of a voice that works to improve lives for those with physical disabilities. Whether you’re personally affected by disability, care for someone who is, or you just want to be part of our PDA community, please join us by clicking this link and completing the form.

Finally, the more Members we have, the more positive impact we can make. We currently have just over 1,000 Members across Australia and I look forward to growing this number significantly, as awareness of the work we do grows. In 2015, there were over 2 million Australians living with disability, so there’s a huge potential for us to play a bigger role in supporting them.

We look forward to supporting our valued members and welcoming many more to our community.

Together with your help, PDA will work to make a difference for all Australians living with physical disability.

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