The One-Legged Sax Player and his Journey to NDIS Home Modifications

Written by Andrew Fairbairn – PDA Vice-President/WA Director

Once upon a time there was a guy who was a left below knee amputee. 

In January 2019, he applied for, and was given access to the NDIS as a participant. He was very excited about this because he and others had lobbied hard for this Scheme.

In his first plan, built by an NDIA Planner who knew nothing about amputees,  he was given ample Capital Support Funding to provide a complete rebuild of his everyday prosthesis,  a brand new, complete fully water proof prosthesis and a very expensive custom wheelchair, complete with a set of off-road wheels and a free wheel device for him to use when he goes camping, which is one of his big goals.

He was given Capacity Building funds to employ an OT to do a full Functional Capacity Assessment. He went through this process and it was identified he needed to get a wheelchair and the new prosthetic limbs, among other things AT.

It was identified that in the next plan Home Modifications Capital Support funding should be asked for and granted as reasonable and necessary. The OT did all that was required of her with regards to documentation, photos and justifications for the next plan.

To say he was happy, is an understatement. He is working in the disability industry, is a passionate advocate and activist and a leader in the Amputee community. He knows the NDIS is very good for his community and continues, despite its flaws and failings, to promote it and extol its virtues.

In January 2020 he had a plan review asking for the Home Modification process to be started and asked for funds to start the process as was identified in the FCA completed in 2019.

The plan was sent to the Delegate for approval at the end of January 2020. The plan was approved and arrived in his My Gov account on the 19 January 2020 and he sent it straight back for S100 review due to the omission of the asked for Home Modification Capital Supports.

In April 2020 he received an outcome of the S100 review stating, amongst other things,  “I am not satisfied that there is sufficient evidence at this time to make a determination as to whether the requested support represents value for money” and “I have assessed this support against each of the criteria in section 34 of the NDIS Act, and I am not satisfied that your request is reasonable and necessary.” This is his personal favourite,” “I am not satisfied that there is sufficient evidence at this time to make a determination as to whether the requested support is effective and beneficial.” To date, he is still fighting with the Agency to get the Home Modifications completed.

The One-Legged Sax Player is a nice guy. He works hard, He is a husband, a father, a colleague, a friend, a confidant, a board member, a speaker, a teacher, an advocate and an activist. He is well regarded in his community and works his butt off for them with little or no reward.

He has paid taxes since he was 15 years old and has served his country in the Royal Australian Navy, so it begs the question, on what planet does a ramp covering 4 steps and making accessing his house in a wheelchair, not reasonable, necessary, effective or beneficial?

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