Proudly introducing our NSW Director, Mark Pietsch.

Following elections at our recent AGM, we are proud to introduce PDA’s NSW Director Mark Pietsch.

Mark has a a long history of advocacy and lobbying, assisting and leading projects at a grass roots level through to intergovernmental relations.

As a person with a movement disorder, steps are not his friend. As a person who relies on a mix of assistive technology, he strongly pushes for greater consultation with people with physical disabilities in regards to the design of home and living supports funded through the NDIS.

He prides himself on listening, although he is not afraid to speak up for those who struggle to do so themselves.

Mark personally describes himself as “an absolute nerd when it comes to legislation and policy”. With experience in lobbying for change at a ministerial level, his success has been notable in relation to employment supports in the NDIS to assist participants in self-employment and the open market.

He also enjoys collaborating and sharing resources to address equity issues in society.

His personal and business mission is to highlight the abilities of all people and to actively work to reduce barriers faced by the disability community through education, support and connection to resources to assist bridging the equity gap faced by our community.

His values are reflected in the small organisation that he leads, which stands by the mantra and primary values of “integrity, creativity, diversity, community and commitment”.

We are excited to have Mark join the PDA Team and look forward to working with him to make a positive contribution to the Australian physical disability community.

Please join us in welcoming Mark.

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