Join us for our 2 Part Relationships Webinar Series.

One of our most requested webinar topics has been around relationships and the impact that disability can have on connections with family, friends, partners and even relationships with ourselves.

In the first part of this two part series on Monday 10th October at 7pm AEDT, we will look at and explore the stresses, struggles and interactions that can affect the dynamics of our relationships with family, friends, carers and support workers, sharing personal stories and what did and didn’t work in resolving these issues and concerns.

In the second of this two part relationship series on Tuesday 11th October at 7pm AEDT, intimate relationships will be covered, along with the importance of self love and learning to treat yourself with kindness and respect in order to ensure personal growth, wellbeing and not settling for second best.

To register for Part 1 (Family, Friends, Carers, Support Workers) go to:

To register for the “adults only” Part 2 (Intimate Relationships) go to:

We hope that you will join us for these webinars.

If you not able to attend these live events, they will be made available to view via the PDA YouTube channel:

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