The inaugural Physical Disability Awareness Day was a success and brings overseas interest to it becoming an international event from 2024

On Sunday we held the inaugural Physical Disability Awareness Day DisabiliTEA event, with people from all over Australia joining us to to bring to life a day that was established after seeing a gap in the awareness calendar for highlighting physical disabilities.

Providing a great opportunity to raise awareness of, and shed light on, the significant number of Australians living with a physical disability, this event was a great success with those attending enjoying a day to listen, learn, help raise awareness and be part of a day of support, friendships and acknowledgment.

PDA Member Laura (pictured) was the lucky winner of a signed copy of our Ambassador, Dinesh Palipana’s “Stronger” book.

With a specifically allocated Physical Disability Awareness Day having not existed either in Australia or internationally, a hardworking Committee (comprising of Sharon, Robert, Melanie, Tammy and Krystal) brought to life an event celebrating the achievements and contributions made by Australia’s physical disability community.

Little did we know that this first year would spike interest globally. Since Sunday we have had a number of organisations and individuals overseas reach out to us to express a real interest in assisting us to turn it into an international awareness day from next year.

With so many wonderful ideas and feedback from those who did attend Sunday’s event, we also look forward to growing and strengthening this opportunity of celebration and recognition moving forwards.

Later in the year we will be getting things moving for next year’s 5th February Physical Disability Awareness Day and will put a shoutout for anyone interested in getting on board to help us in our move to the international stage in just the second year of its fruition.

Together let’s make some noise, be seen, be recognised, be considered and be celebrated.

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