With Australia’s hot weather still luring many of us out to enjoy ourselves in or near the water, why not give give water sports a go before summer checks out and we start reaching for our winter woollies?

With many water sports adapted to be more inclusive and more and more opportunities becoming available to try these fun activities, maybe one of these options will whet (or “wet” 🤣) your interest.



  • Disability inclusive sailing clubs operate throughout Australia with many making sailing accessible to everyone. Sailability is run by volunteers in every Australian state, working jointly with local sailing clubs to offer opportunities to sailors of all abilities. (https://discoversailing.org.au/sailability/)


  • The Disabled Surfers Association of Australia runs all-inclusive surfing programs to people with disabilities throughout Australia. Run by volunteers, this organisation brings the joy of surfing to anyone wanting to ride the waves. (https://www.disabledsurfers.org)

Canoeing and kayaking

  • Canoeing and kayaking are a great water sport that can be adapted and enjoyed by people of all abilities. It’s also a wonderful way to experience the water – whether for fun or competitive sport. The recent addition of para-canoe to the Paralympics has encouraged a surge in popularity for those who want to take a lazy paddle to the next level. Whatever your interest level, there are clubs throughout Australia running accessible programs. (https://www.sports.org.au/canoe-kayak)

Scuba Diving

  • Disabled Divers International is a not-for-profit organisation providing disabled scuba diving internationally through dive schools. Running a number of programs DDI strives to make diving more accessible for people with disabilities. (https://www.ddivers.org)

Water Skiing

  • A number of disability-inclusive water skiing options are available in Australia, offering fun opportunities to PWD with a range of physical and visual impairments to give adaptive water skiing a go. Disabled Water Ski Australia can get you started. (https://disabledwaterski.com.au)

Water (Aqua) Aerobics

  • These fun classes can be adapted to a wide range of disabilities, with the water working to reduce the impact of mobility limitations. Many pools and aquatic centres throughout Australia offer programs for people with disabilities to enjoy this fun fitness option.


  • Swimming is a great way to maintain fitness, build muscle strength and target core stability. Water buoyancy also helps with movement and it is easily adaptable. Many local pools and aquatic centres provide programs, warmer pools and equipment options for people with disabilities.


  • For the Adrenalin junkies amongst you, kite-surfing has seen great advances in becoming an accessible sport for people with disabilities. Modified seating equipment, tandem harnesses and wheelchair land-based trainer kites help to bring this sport to many Australians living with disability. Not yet readily available, you may have to do some research locally. (https://www.ikointl.com/blog/kitesurfing-people-disabilities)

For those of you simply wanting to enjoy the beach, Accessible Beaches provides an incredibly useful and welcome way to locate your nearest accessible beaches. Covering information such as mobimats (beach matting), beach wheelchairs, disabled parking, accessible changing rooms/toilets, ramps, pathways and direct beach access. (https://accessiblebeaches.com)

Whatever your jam is on or in the water, there are some fun sport and recreation options and some great opportunities to get your feet wet and try them out.


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