Preparation is the key to survival.

With Australia being struck by Mother Nature from all sides in terms of severe weather conditions, flooding and fires, do you know what to do in the case of an emergency?

University of Sydney, in conjunction with Queenslanders with Disability Network, has prepared a Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (P-CEP) Toolkit – an all-hazards approach to enabling emergency preparedness.

Co-designed and tested with people with disability, P-CEP provides a template that allows people to self-assess their preparedness, capabilities and support needs. Through this, personal emergency arrangements can be developed and guidelines put in place to allow for emergency support need management plans and support network action plans to be clearly defined and instigated in the lead up to, during and after a disaster.

No matter where you live, having a plan in place could be a lifesaver and ensure that you are kept safe, comfortable and as unaffected as possible during times of upheaval and challenges.

For more information and to take the first step towards being prepared, go to:

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