PDA’s “When do you stop being nice?” presentation can now be viewed on our YouTube channel

If you missed PDA’s (or just want to watch it again) “When do you stop being nice?” presentation, you can now find it on our YouTube channel by going to:


In this powerful presentation, the ways that we are impacted by the actions or views of others (whether well meaning or otherwise) are explored and we’re introduced to some valuable tools to use when being nice is not an option.

Along with our PDA presenters, qualified counsellor Dorte Dyrbye will provide support, tips and resources to assist you in overcoming situations and people who need to understand that kindness isn’t just about the feel good factor for the giver.

We encourage you to check it out.

Don’t forget to subscribe to PDA’s YouTube channel whilst you’re there, so that you don’t miss other exciting PDA videos.

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