Want to learn more about the Housing Roadmap and Australia’s accessible housing market?

On Wed 21st Aug 2024 at 6:30pm AEST, Physical Disability Australia invites you to attend a free online information session around the new Housing Roadmap that will be launched later this month.

Presented by the HousingHub, this online event will explore the Housing Roadmap, explain how to use it, and give an insight into supports available to those looking to begin their housing journey.

As Australia’s largest disability housing platform, Housing Hub is the trusted, go-to website for those looking to access the accessible housing market.

Over the past year, Housing Hub has worked closely with people with disability and their supporters to redesign their information resources around the disability housing market.

Their upcoming information will be run via Zoom with accessibility options available (please share your access needs when you register).

To register for this free event, go to:


If you have any questions, please email the housing options team at housingoptions@housinghub.org.au or call their Advice Line on 1300 61 64 63

We look forward to you joining us for this information session.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released its *2022 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers, which revealed a number of interesting findings.

One of the areas included in the report was around satisfaction in how often individuals took part in social activities over the last 3 months.

The figures were:

  • 63.9% of people with disability (aged 15 years or older living in households) said they were satisfied all or most of the time
  • 77.7% of older Australians living in households said they were satisfied all or most of the time
  • 72.3% of primary carers saw family and friends who were not living in the same household at least once a week in 2022.

Are you happy with your social life and your connections with friends, family and your local community?

Do you socialise face-to-face, online or a combination of both?

Are there barriers to you taking part in these social opportunities (such as getting there, accessibility etc)?

What sort of things are you regularly involved in?

We’d love to hear from you.


On Saturday (13th July 2024), PDA’s talented QLD Associate Director, Sarah Styles, will be singing the Australian National Anthem at the Wheelchair Rugby League State Challenge (Origin).

If you’re local to Brisbane, head along to South Pines Indoor Sports Complex in Brendale to hear her sing and to watch Queensland battle New South Wales in what’s sure to be an exciting game.

You can also watch it livestreamed on the NRL Official app.

The game kicks off at 3pm with Sarah singing at 2:45pm.

Are you aware of MyMedicare?

Last year the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care established MyMedicare – a voluntary patient registration model which aims to formalise and strengthen the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner (GP) and primary care teams.

This initiative works to deliver greater continuity of healthcare, with evidence showing that seeing the same GP and healthcare team regularly leads to better health outcomes.

When a patient registers in MyMedicare, the Australian Government will provide additional funding to assist the general practice provide targeted care based on patient needs – such as longer funded telehealth consultations.

MyMedicare is open for voluntary registration to Australians with a valid Medicare card or a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran card.

For more information on MyMedicare, visit www.health.gov.au/mymedicare

Work with the NDIS as part of their Participant First initiative by providing feedback to help make the NDIS stronger.

Working to deliver a better experience for participants, is best achieved by listening to people with lived experience of disability and their personal experience in dealing with the NDIS.

The Participant First initiative will bring together people who sign up to help improve the NDIS through engagement activities such as:

  • * focus groups/interviews
  • * co-design workshops on specific issues, processes, product surveys, discussion papers and submissions
  • * taking part in research projects.

By joining Participant First, you can help the NDIS make sure the voices of people with disability are central to NDIS reforms.

Participant First will work to prioritise co-design, consultation and engagement activities on the following topics:

  • * participant pathway experience
  • * assessments and budgeting
  • * navigator functions
  • * participant services
  • * psychosocial disability
  • * home and living
  • * integrity and fraud prevention
  • * workforce capability and culture
  • * participant safety
  • * supporting children and young people in the NDIS.

To be involved, register your interest by going to:


Once registered, you will receive a newsletter every fortnight outlining new opportunities for you to be involved.

Register your interest for as many of these opportunities as you like.

Some feedback opportunities are paid.

All feedback is confidential and will not be included in your official NDIS participant record.

You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Participants, families and carers with experience with the NDIS are encouraged to register.

For more information, email participant.engagement@ndis.gov.au.

Physical disability affects *76.8% of Australia’s disability community.

Going by the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent figures (2018), 4.4 million (or 17.7%) of Australians live with disability…

and that means that 3,379,200 Australians have a physical disability…

and that means that physical disability makes up the largest disability group in our country.


with this being the case,

if you live with a physical disability

(or, if you support someone who does)

why not join an organisation that represents you

and understands your needs.

Physical Disability Australia

is here for you.

To join us go to www. pda.org.au/membership/

You’ll be glad that you did.



PDA will be submitting a report to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This will be included in the annual report that the committee is required to submit to Parliament to outline its activities over the year.

This report covers the implementation, performance, governance, administration and expenditure of the NDIS, and includes submissions around these key areas from NDIS participants, the broader disability community, family members, informal carers and service providers.

As part of PDA’s response, we’d like to know what NDIS issues our members and other NDIS participants think needs to change in the way the NDIS works.

If you want to share your views your experiences with the NDIS, please take part in our survey by going to:


Submissions close: 14th July 2024.

All the collected information will only be used to provide statistics on NDIS concern areas and anonymous comments about those concern areas.

Information about you will not be shared with any other 3rd party under any circumstances except as required by law, and all data will be deleted once our work has been completed.

PDA President’s RTRFM 91.2 Radio Interview

On Tuesday (25th June) PDA’s President, Andrew Fairbairn, spoke with WA’s RTRFM 91.2 on “Disability In Action”.

In this conversation with Simon Chong, Andrew shared his story, his advocacy work, the value of universal design, and his passion for access and inclusion.

To hear this interview go to:

Want to end the Financial Year by making a difference to Australians living with physical disability?

Why not make a tax deductible donation to Physical Disability Australia?

These donations will assist in furthering the work of PDA and allow us to support and advocate further for the interests and views of people with physical disability in Australia – and to be heard by decision makers at all levels.

You can give by going to our donate page:


PDA appreciates all donations, no matter how big or small.

All donations to PDA are tax deductible in Australia as PDA has Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

If you wish to receive a receipt, please let us know by emailing manager@pda.org.au or calling 1800 PDA ORG (1800 732 674)

Thanks so much for your help.

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