Mark has 12 years’ experience in the Community Services space and it is his life’s mission to speak up where others have fallen silent, Either because they need help to find their voice, or they need someone to cheer them on.

Mark has a lot of practice when it comes to writing policies and interpreting legislation. His experience of having a disability and often doing activities out of the norm has led him to stray out of the boxes that others try to place him in. This has meant having to know the rules better than those trying to impose them and using that knowledge to put others and himself in a better position. That is what led Mark to his current role as a Support Coordinator, and to eventually start my his own company.

Mark has a fondness for technology and he owns several 3D printers and a laser cutter that he uses to teach people about micro-enterprise, rapid prototyping and product iteration.

Mark has found running a business and living with a disability to be challenging, but also rewarding. Helping others with a disability to start their own businesses brings Mark a lot of joy. He loves to help people to use their full potential.

Having a movement disorder, Mark reckons he falls down a lot, but he always picks himself up and keeps going. This is the quality he likes the most about himself: perseverance and not giving up easily.