Talia’s mantra is: “Don’t judge me by my disability, but provide an opportunity for me to show you my ability.”
While Talia has Multiple Sclerosis, her passion is promoting not what she has but what she can do. Talia works hard to change how others perceive someone with MS and many others in our communities with a physically disabling condition.

Talia takes great satisfaction in proving and promoting that the impossible is possible. Give someone with a physical disability an opportunity and Talia has no doubt that you will be amazed and inspired by that person’s tenacity and self-belief to try and make it happen

Engaged in the hospitality industry for most of her working life, Talia found her work was always about providing customer service and going above and beyond for others. In other words, it was a one way street that employers and customers imposed expectations but did little to recognize or encourage people like Talia. It wasn’t until Talia left the hospitality industry that she found her voice. A voice that was heard by a company that believed in and promoted inclusion and diversity and in giving her a chance to translate and utilise her skills and experience for mutual benefit.

Talia is an advocate for inclusion. She believes that no matter who you are, or what your condition, you should be provided an equal opportunity and that it is up to each of us to then achieve our outcomes.