My name is Tammy Milne and I live in rural/regional North West Coast Tasmania. 

I have worked for 32 years at the Department of Education Tasmania in many roles; teacher aide, educational interpreter for Deaf,  Intern Teacher and Librarian. I ran a primary school library for the last 12 years of my career with the last 6 months back as an interpreter in a high school until the COVID-19 pandemic and then I resigned. I acknowledge my privilege.

I own my disability and wear it like a suit of armour now after years of trying to fit into the abled world.  I have a physical disability that is very visible, I have Arthrogrophosis Multiplex Congenita.

I am now very outspoken around disability rights and human rights.  I am too wise now to put up with bad treatment of myself and people around me. I see myself as fierce and a warrior for our collective cause.  I still have much to learn.