Terms and Conditions for PDA Professional Directory Listees and those utilising the PDA Processional Directory

  1. 1. Only PDA Members will be allowed to list their businesses and/or services.
  2. 2. Only Australian residents living with a disability will be listed. Should evidence of disability be required by Physical Disability Australia (as owners of PDA Professional and its assets including said PDA Professional Directory), the Listee must supply documented proof of disability in order to be included in the Directory.
  3. 3. Listees must have an active ABN in order to be included in the PDA Professional Directory.
  4. 4. Listees indicating a business name must have said name registered with the supplied ABN number directly related to this business name registration.
  5. 5. Listees found to no longer hold a valid ABN, or who are found to be operating illegally or unethically (as decided by Physical Disability Australia) will be removed from the PDA Professional Directory.
  6. 6. As an introductory offer, inclusion in the PDA Professional Directory is free of charge for 12 months from sign up date. The cut-off date for this offer is at the discretion of Physical Disability Australia. Listees will be notified of any plans to charge fees for ongoing inclusion in the PDA Professional Directory prior to the end of this 12 month introductory period and will be under no obligation to continue should they choose not to continue with their listing.
  7. 7. At its discretion, Physical Disability Australia may choose to offer pay-to-use promotional options to PDA Professional Directory Listees. Listees are under no obligation to utilise these additional services and Physical Disability Australia reserves the right to offer these additional payment options to selected Listees at its discretion.
  8. 8. Physical Disability Australia (PDA) accepts no responsibility or liability in regards to the businesses, individuals and services listed on this page, the PDA Professional Directory and all other assets owned by the organisation.
  9. 9. Those who choose to access our database and reach out to any listings are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to engaging the services of those listed