Physical Disability Australia Needs Your Help!

The Department of Social Services has reduced the funding it makes available to Disability Representative Organisations like PDA.

Last year we didn’t get any of it, and without a boost to the program, we are unlikely to get any this year.

This means PDA may go out of business.

If you are a member of PDA, Please:

  • Download the letter and personalise it with your signature, name and address
  • Make 3 (if you live in ACT or NT) or 13 (if you live in a State) copies and add in the names and addresses of the MP and Senators representing you in Federal Parliament (there’s a spreadsheet with all their email and postal addresses so it’s super-easy!)
  • Email and post them to your MP and Senators in Canberra.
  • Take a selfie of yourself holding your letters
  • Post the photo on the PDA Facebook Discussion Group with #SavePDA
  • ReTweet the Campaign Tweet with your photo too!

PDA and its partner organisations in the Disability Australia National Peaks Consortium will go out of business if they remain unfunded!

PDA Grassroots Campaign Letter

Federal MP and Senator Mailing List