Unlocking Accessible Public Toilets in NSW

Many wheelchair-accessible public toilets in NSW are fitted with access-hindering Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) locks. This means that if you need to pee, you will need a key… that you must purchase from a locksmith after proving you have a disability.

According to the Australian Government’s toilet map website, there are over 540 publicly available accessible toilets fitted with MLAK locks in NSW. This means roughly 1 in 6 public wheelchair accessible public toilets are inaccessible to those who do not have an MLAK or who can’t use them because they lack the physical ability to do so. The same website reports there are fewer than 40 of these in the remainder of the country.

This practice is discriminatory and PDA is campaigning to end it.

We have written to the Premier of NSW, her ministers and their counterparts in the opposition and have started a petition at change.org.

You can help by signing the petition and promoting our campaign with the hashtag #NoKeyToPee