Welcome to Physical Disability Australia (PDA)

Physical Disability Australia is a national peak membership-based representative organisation run by people with physical disability for people with physical disability. PDA was founded 21 years ago. We have over 1,000 members from all Australian States and Territories.

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Our Purpose

 PDA exists to:

  • Remove barriers by encouraging all levels of government to enable every Australian living with a physical disability opportunities to realise their full potential.
  • Proactively embrace and promote difference and diversity for an inclusive society.
  • Include within all our operations the active promotion of the rights, responsibilities, issues and participation of people with a physical disability.

Key Values

  • Social Justice
  • Self-determination
  • Inherent Dignity  
  • Integrity
  • A Representative Voice

 Our Key Strategic Objectives

  • Effective Policy - We will develop and promote high quality, evidence-based policy submissions from current research and the real circumstances of our members' lives. 
  • Solution-Focused - We seek to improve participation opportunities by taking a solution-focused approach with governments and industry. 
  • Participatory Engagement - We communicate widely with members, allies and the public to enhance the effectiveness of our purposed-driven communication efforts. 
  • Effective Governance - We employ effective governance structures and systems supporting the organisation’s plans and activities. 
  • Future Proofing - We will ensure PDA's ongoing financial sustainability through diligence and meeting KPI’s. 

PDA is a member of the Disability Australia consortium.